Direct mp4 file download or play:  Bicycle Horn Under Water ’09

New Version Today:  Sharper, Brighter, Dumber!

The last time I did this was in 1973 when I was nineteen years old. This time was more high tech. I connected a Sony Handycam to an Apple MacBook laptop computer using a firewire cable. I captured video from the Handycam and from the camera built into the laptop.  The audio features the microphone in the laptop as well as from the camera. Also there was no tape in the Handycam and all of the video and audio was captured directly to the hard drive on the laptop computer. Then the video was edited on Ulead VideoStudio 9, and the audio on Adobe Audition 2.0. I think I did quite a dumb editing job.  Hopefully you will have a good laugh. Check out the original “Bicycle Horn Under Water” and you should notice the similarity in sound quality.