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Here is something really nutty. I’m trying to remember more about this recording. There was a time in the early 1970s that I became interested in Jimi Hendrix, but not for long. That’s probably why this tape is unmarked. Anything that I create that has some resemblance to music, I’m usually somewhat embarrassed to present.
First of all It’s probably an insult to Jimi Hendrix. Secondly, I don’t read music and I am not a musician. The sound quality is similar to “Bicycle Horn Under Water,” and I think an early version of The Booper, modified to amplify and produce heavy distortion is involved. Also a dynamic microphone was placed inside or on the strings of my grandfather’s acoustic guitar. The guitar strings were struck or plucked with my fingers and I made noises and said words with my mouth.
I am quite sure this was recorded using my Norelco 1530 monaural cassette recorder. In addition, I don’t recall presenting this to Negativland or playing it on Over The Edge, so if a certain individual who may be holding his head and laughing by the name of Mark, feel free to correct me.

The tape with this recording