Earlier this month, a squirrel chewed and damaged one of the cables to my outside microphones. How do I know? The noise woke me up and I saw a squirrel from my bedroom window. As soon as the squirrel saw me, it fell off the roof and made quite a thud when it hit the ground. I cut off about ten feet of the RG-58 cable I use for the microphone and soldered the same microphone back on to the existing good cable. I do have another new microphone (Radio Shack electret condenser model 270-0090) in case the old one fails. I have yet to get back outside to reinstall the cable and microphone to the eaves of my roof. Be aware, the stereo separation will be narrower by the amount of cable I cut off. Eventually, I may pull a new cable though to my room and put the microphone in an entirely new location.