Direct mp3 download or play:  DUMB Tea For Two – first attempt

DUMB Tea For Two (first attempt)

Directmp3 download or play:  DUMB Tea For Two – second attempt

DUMB Tea For Two (second attempt)

This could quite possibly be the dumbest thing I’ve made so far. For starters, I’ve been learning how to use free VST (Virtual Studio Technology) software. Just recently, I started to learn how MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) operates. Here I have two recordings of a MIDI song (Tea For Two), which I downloaded free from the internet. The first version is quite simple, and features the MIDI file playing a free VST instrument called “Tapeotronic,” which emulates (kind of) the sound of a Mellotron. I set this instrument to produce flute sounds. In addition I set up a free VST sample player to play my voice saying the single word “dumb.” The sample player attempted to play my voice as musical notes as the data from the MIDI song was fed to it. Then I thought I could do better and made a second recording.
I downloaded another free VST sample player and I decided to try to play the “Tea For Two” MIDI file using two sample players with my “dumb” sample and the “Tapeotronic.” One of the sample players has a feature called “auto tune” and applying that to the sample made my voice sound even more musical. I’m not quite sure if this could be referred to as a “techno masterpiece” or not.

This post was first put up early in August of 2010 and as with several of my recent posts any comments were lost due to a problem with the site. I know this post had comments simply by its sheer dumbness and I would like you to once again tell me what you think.

Don’t forget check out the single word “dumb” below.

Direct mp3 download or play:  DUMB

The single word “DUMB”