Direct mp3 download or play:  Jammers For Jesus

This is a recording from the early 1980s (possibly December 1981) of  mischievous amateur radio operators (hams) that like to have a lot of fun while talking on their radios. On this recording, I used my Bearcat 300 scanner radio at my home in Martinez, California to receive the 146.82 MHz repeater located in the hills of Berkeley, California. The scanner audio was fed to the line input of my Shure M67 mixer and the mixer line out connected to line in on my Superscope C-104 Cassette tape recorder.

Many times these amateur radio operators would play the audio of broadcast stations, and other amateur stations and tapes. Quite often they would make strange noises, not identify their call-signs, use foul language, and make other amateurs upset. I could go on, but if you listen to this and my other recordings  of ham radio jammers, I suspect that it will make quite clear what jamming is all about. Incidentally, this tape is fairly clear of really extreme foul language except for an occasional sexual reference. Maybe it’s because the jammers are discussing religion. Be sure to click here “Ham Radio Jammers” or in the right hand column of this page for more.