Direct mp3 download or play:  Mother’s Day 1985 # 4

This will be the final post of a recording I made on Mother’s Day 1985. It’s all of side 2 of a C-90 cassette tape with the material from the posts “Mother’s Day 1985 # 1” and “Mother’s Day 1985 # 2” as well as all of the other parts on side 2. There’s over 45 minutes of sound with my mother, father, grandmother, and myself. In addition you can hear all of the first part of this recording by going to the post entitled “Mother’s Day 1985 # 3.” It’s actually side 1 of the same C-90 cassette tape. This part is only a little more than 15 minutes in length, due to the fact I started recording after the first 30 minutes of tape. I actually didn’t realize the tape had another recording on it already, and it was too late to buy more cassette tape. I didn’t want to record over the other part, and I may post it another time. But for now I’m not going to tell you what it is……it’s just too dumb!

I want to point out that I think I already posted this around Mother’s Day of 2010 as “Mother’s Day 1985 All side 2” and somehow it was accidentally deleted. I sincerely apologize for that error!