Direct mp4 download or play:  My Geiger Counter

This is a recording of my Geiger counter in Seattle, Washington on the afternoon of December 8th, 2011, for a little more than five minutes. The recording time was from approximately 4:38 PM to 4:43 PM. The sensor was just lying on my dining room table and pointing in a northerly direction, and the sensitivity was set at maximum. I purchased this unit from a little electronics surplus shop in Pacheco, California called “The Odd Assortment.” Be sure to take a look at my YouTube version here.

Here is the Geiger counter showing the sensor on the right, and the headphone jack on the left. The audio is going to the red wire, and then to my audio mixer.  I don’t understand why a BNC connector was used instead of a standard quarter inch jack for the headphones. As far as I know, atomic or nuclear radiation is not electromagnetic, and does not produce radio waves which could interfere with the headphones.  BNC connectors are used on radio transceivers where shielding of electromagnetic energy is important.

This shows the Geiger counter was calibrated, and the unit appeared to be new and unused.

If I’m looking at the meter correctly, the reading went no higher than .02 on the video. That appears to be extremely low. I don’t know if the meter retained its calibration, and I have no way of knowing if the unit is actually functioning correctly. In addition, I don’t think I own anything that is known to be radioactive. Any thoughts?