Direct mp3 download or play:  Christmas 1988 Part 1

Direct mp3 download or play:  Christmas 1988 Part 2

On this tape, I was more familiar with setting record level my Sony cassette recorder. By 1988, I’ve had the TC-D5M for more than three years, and I realized the record level could be set considerably higher. With the excellent built-in limiter, I was able to run the recording volume quite high without much distortion.  The tape was Maxell XL II CrO2 on a c90 cassette and Dolby B was functioning on the recorder.  Converting the audio to digital was done using the same technique as in “Thanksgiving 1984.” Even after more than twenty years, the TC-D5M works like new, and the Dolby noise reduction on this tape is still seems to “track” properly and reduce tape hiss without reducing high frequency response.
On a more somber note, this is possibly the last recording of my family before they started having health problems. However, I do have numerous other recordings and some video from as early as the late 1960s  through 1989. I will probably be posting some of those recordings here, as long as I am able to do so. If you are new to my site and maybe find this interesting, be sure to check my other posts in the category “Family Tapes” and “The Willsaphone Stupid Show” on the main Negativland section.