From my collection of open reel tapes, here is a recording known as a “music bed.”

Direct mp3 download or play:  Macy’s Warehouse Sale Tape 802

tape802smallMacy’s Tape 802

Front of box- tape 802Front of box- tape 802

Back of box-tape 802Back of box-tape 802

Inside front cover-tape802Inside front cover-tape 802


Direct mp3 download or play:   Macy’s Warehouse Sale Tape 890

Macy's tape 890Macy’s tape 890

Front of box-tape 890Front of box-tape 890

Back of box-tape 890Back of box-tape 890

Inside front cover-tape 890Inside front cover-tape 890


Direct mp3 download or play: Macy’s Tape 890-left channel – Macy’s  Tape 802-right channel

This is a comparison of the recordings. Tape 890 is on the left and tape 802 is on the right. Except for a little phasing and delay effects, they seem to be identical.
Go here for more on “music beds,” and how they are used in advertising.