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Here is another 16-millimeter film that was purchased online by Richard Lyons. I was hesitating on posting this film due to poor picture quality. As with most of the films I’ve posted (and ones I may post in the future) the transfer to digital I did myself using an Eiki projector (similar to this) and camcorder. The image was projected onto printer paper and the camcorder was lined up as close as possible to the right aspect ratio with minimum parallax. Also, the projector was fitted with a 5 blade shutter (telecine) to reduce flicker. I am not “The Internet Archive” and have no access to proper equipment for capturing films to digital. In spite of that, I’ve decided to post it anyway. The sound turned out quite well, considering I wired a direct output from the optical pickup in the projector to the microphone jack on the camcorder. Audio levels matched this input quite well. Keep in mind capacitors (5 to 10 microfarads, one on each left and right, tip and ring) were installed on the input line, in series to block Plug-in phantom power on the camcorder mic. input from being applied to the optical pickup on the projector.