Periodically, I blurt out the names of streets I think up. I don’t know why. Maybe someday the rest of Negativland will turn these into an art project of some sort. I’ll add more here as I think of them.

I’ve added a new feature to Street Names Update. In addition to the text, I will be adding the sound of my voice pronouncing the names the way I think they should be vocalized. To give my voice quite an irritating strident sound, a Radio Shack electret condenser microphone was placed into a crock pot with a towel. Occasionally, I will add sound to a street name in no particular order. I added some more streets and vocalizations of the names on August 30th, 2009.
I got out the crock pot and recorded a few more street names today on February 13th, 2012. This time, I placed the microphone that was used forMy Stomach (Updated)” and “More of My Stomach” into the crock pot. The new recordings start at “Elric Avenue.”
I added some new vocalizations of street names today on June 7th, 2013. They are at the bottom of the list starting with “Sweeper Queen Road.”  Again, I used the “My Stomach” microphone and the crock pot for recording.

This is The Weatherman and I’m 10-7 at 02478 Sewerage Street onuh “no orgasm” on the Playboy Channel (I deliberately spelled “on a” as “onuh”.)

Vlax Street

Multiplication Avenue

Ridgewater Way

South Spitchulum Circle

Instrox Street

North Expelladapper Street

Prunawip Drive

Autopium Way

Subtractage Road West

Destructorite Road

Sponsanorma Plaza

Remote Boat Way

Waudogaudophine Boulevard

Butylene Plaza

Regular Garbage Court

Dockular Avenue

Gunmeat Street

Badapple Place

Old Battle – Ax Road

False Avenue

South Voederoeder Lane

The Cellagutchian

Hotoven Drive

Wacadelioprude Street

North Zenorex Place

Elric Avenue

Valchris Turkey Boulevard

Upper Poodaloop Circle

Botchitt Court

Useless Seedless Throughway

Sweeper Queen Road

Dewisant Place

Plate Fly Road West

Treatment Plant Court

Heitmeyer Beef Road Southeast

Pressure Avenue

Cheap Street
Below are street names yet to be spoken. As I vocalize these, they will appear in an audio player and disappear from the list. One can only imagine the dumbness!
Mangled Metal Boulevard, Sensory Perception Place, Hellzipper Lane, Bitch Street, Seatlight Plaza, Organeater Avenue, South Axis Street, The Saint Lawrence Slip, West Gas Street, Spudknuckler Lane, Mufumptious Street, Squeaker Toad Court, Porktree Way, Soap Street, Allcrunch Road, West Perpat Place,  Fustellation Avenue,  East Dart Road, Hittapitchulum Avenue, North Drepulate Street, Megaplexure Boulevard, Snugular Place, Fandrick Road, Dralowprude Circle, Searabutt Street, East Anger Road, Slickurge Street, Squirrelchew Circle, Pissamois Road, West Insipiot Street, Mygopopchelup Court
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