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Here’s a glimpse into the office in Martinez, California sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s where I would receive service calls to repair cable TV. All of the installers and techs had vehicles equipped with radios, similar to the police. And yes I would get calls for problems with The Playboy Channel. Once I was assigned to the senior citizen’s community of Rossmoor Leisure World in Walnut Creek, California there weren’t so many service calls for the Playboy Channel for me. I’d get more calls for problems with FM radio on cable, American Movie Classics, and Turner Classic Movies. Rossmoor had their own TV channel where I would sometimes help out in the studio when they televised Bingo games. I have several videos of those Bingo sessions I may share with you. For years Richard wanted me to share those tapes as there are some funny, goofy moments during the Bingo games.
Maybe you recognized the music I used and no surprises its from Eraserhead and it is Fats Waller performing “Stompin’ The Bug” on pipe organ. Now I can never get enough of Fats Waller and his pipe organ solos from the 1920s. I remember going to the UC Theater in Berkeley repeatedly for the midnight showings of Eraserhead with my friends before Negativland existed.