I’ve updated a few of things. There is a direct download or play link just below the Flash Player for devices not compatible with Flash. Be aware it is a large amount of data and there can be buffering, but you can download the file. There is a new picture of the Funcube Pro Plus dongle and I replied to the last comment from Emily Taylor, which explains what my main interest is now.  I can assure you they are not fishing and hunting!

Direct mp4 download or play: BRM 8-09-2015
Here is my recording of a baby room monitor using a software defined radio. It was recorded from inside my living room using my discone antenna, Airspy, and SDR# (SDRSharp). Video and audio were captured with Daum Potplayer at a true 16×9 resolution of 848 by 480 pixels.
I thought by now everyone using baby room monitors would have moved away from 49 megahertz analog technology. Reception is noisy because of a somewhat weak signal and humming sound, possibly a fan blowing on the microphone. Maybe that fan was upsetting the baby. Also note, I neglected to show the waterfall display on the video itself, and the tuning was off by .016. My fault.

screen capture setup - click image for clearer view screen capture setup, showing middle waterfall display, not showing on video – click image for clearer view

Airspy_smallAirspy software defined radio

funcube-dongle-pro-plus_smallFuncube Pro Plus software defined radio

SDRSharp_full_smallSDRSharp – still image captured at 1024 x 768 – not cropped – video itself is cropped to 848 x 480

Notice the waveform for the selected  signal (49.830 megahertz) is more pointy compared to the video.This happened after I stopped recording.

Comet DS-150S discone antennaComet DS – 150 discone antenna