Direct mp3 download or play:  Ham Jammers Early 1980s # 2

Here is the other side of the C-90 cassette tape, “Ham Jammers Early 1980s #1.” This was possibly recorded days before. I used the same setup, except starting at 26:28 (counting down a voice says: “Who are you tryin’ to kid huh one watt uh? How about switching your amplifier on and off huh.”  I switched from the Patrolman 4 radio to my Bearcat scanner for the remainder of the tape. The reception on the Patrolman radio was quite noisy during that session, so I decided to switch to the scanner which would be quieter. The audio quality on the scanner has reduced high frequency response, due to the fact it receives in narrow FM only. Narrow FM allows for channels to be closer together and is less likely to suffer from interference from adjacent channels. At about 10:20 to 9:13, (counting down) one of the operators briefly mentions hearing a recording of jammers on KPFA. That was likely me playing a recording I had made earlier.  By the way, if I heard it correctly, the ham operator said the person on KPFA said “jammers unite” and that he was “K2GOR.”  Funny, I don’t remember saying such a thing and I am not a ham radio operator either.

Bearcat 300 Scanner