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This is the radio commercial, probably from the early 1970s, for the grand opening of this and other Kmart stores. The tape is from a collection of radio commercials I found at a radio station in the late 1970s.  This store is located at the intersection of Contra Costa Boulevard and Chilpancingo Parkway in Pleasant Hill, California, and was a favorite shopping destination of my parents. Often on Saturday afternoons, my parents baby blue 1974 Ford Maverick would be present in the parking lot, usually on the north side of the store in the lot adjacent Chilpancingo Parkway. They would enter the store using the garden shop entrance. My father thought that by parking in this parking area rather than the main parking lot, there would be less of a chance that someone would ding the finish on the Maverick.

Kmart-Pleasant Hill, California

Kmart-Pleasant Hill, California (garden shop entrance)

Kmart 1970s

Kmart Grand Opening Tape