Direct mp4 download or play: Kid’s Stuff Doll
There are several 16-millimeter films Richard Lyons purchased on eBay entitled “Kid’s Stuff.” They are from the 1960s and may have been shown on television stations around the U. S. during weekday afternoon kids programming. Richard told me once he remembers seeing one of these films or something similar, possibly on KTVU channel 2 in the late 1960s. I personally watched KTVU as a child, while growing up in Berkeley, California. I guess I was more interested in “The Three Stooges” and don’t remember anything like this film. A few years ago I acquired a projector and learned how to capture picture and sound. Richard and I were never sure if these films should be made available. I think now is the time to show the film. If I can get the other “Kid’s Stuff” films presentable and in the right file format they will appear on this post. An explanation of how I captured this and other 16-millimeter films is here. Be sure to check my posts “LaChoy Soy Sauce,” “Golden Grain Macaroni and Cheddar,” “STIR-N-SERV 1 Pan Lasagna,” “Salvation Army Kentucky Fried Chicken PSA,” “Common Sense Self Defense,” “Why Am I So Dumb,” and “TV Guide Censors,” These are all 16-millimeter films Richard purchased online and decided they could be shown. You can also browse the newly added category “16 Millimeter Films.” I will likely be adding more films to this, soon. Also, check Richard Lyons’ YouTube channel “baysadaye” for more 16-millimeter films I helped him post. They are  “JAMBO –  opening and closing theme,” “1971 ABC Television Promo – Make Room For Grandaddy,” “It’s Nice To Share – United Church Of Christ – Episcopal,” “Classic Ideal Game Commercial – Up ‘N’ Over,” “Discovery ’71 – ABC Sunday Morning Kids Show – 1971,” and “Discovery ’68 – ABC Sunday Morning Kids Show – 1968.”