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I made this recording on a day off from my job as a service technician at Televents Cable TV in Contra Costa County, California. This is a new capture just today, using my Sony TCD-5M cassette recorder. The sound is stereo with two scanner/communications radios. Most of the audio is  radio channel 1 for service techs (463.875 MHz) and the other is radio channel 2 for installers (464.175 MHz). Most of the time the audio is playing channel one, but because there is a different receiver panned left and right, there is a stereo phasing and different EQ effect. I think I used an AOR AR-2002 and a Bearcat 300 for receiving. The Bearcat has more rolled off highs. Might be good listening with headphones for a binaural effect. I did not apply any noise reduction which is proper for archiving.

Sony TC-D5M

Bearcat 300 Scanner

AOR AR-2002 Communications Receiver