Updated February 15th, 2020, all video trans-coding performed with Handbrake. https://handbrake.fr/

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Download/Play – original full length MPEG 2 capture April 13th, 2008 – 720 by 480

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720 x 540 screen capture from original MPEG 2 capture

Here is what happened to a religious TV station earlier this year. I recorded this on April 13th, 2008, but I noticed this channel (CH. 58) was doing this for nearly a month earlier, continuously. Also, it kept it up for several weeks after April 13th. I’m sure the reception was clearer than what was recorded. I simply attached rabbit ears to my computer with an ATI 8500 All-in-Wonder video card and recorded MPEG2 video. I wonder why they left this video on so long or if they simply didn’t care. It looks like some sort of a digital loop. Also this post is a test to see how well the video can be played or downloaded. On my computer the clickable link will play on my Firefox browser when the VLC media plug-in has been installed. If that has been done correctly when you click the link a new browser will open. A black blank page and the words “no video” will appear. Then the video should play. The other options are Flash video and Windows Media. Bear with me, I’ve got alot to learn. You can probably tell my typing, spelling and grammar are not that great. Have fun, comments welcome.