Direct mp3 download or play:  Tea For Two

I think I mentioned over a year ago that I enjoy listening to organ music. Well I have finally decided it’s time to do so again. This record was played on my Newcomb TR-1625M, fitted with a General Electric variable reluctance magnetic cartridge. In this recording, I used the built-in vacuum tube preamp and connected the line out of the Newcomb to a Mackie 1402VLZ mixer. Then I connected the unbalanced line output of the mixer to the sound card input on my computer, and the recording was done on Adobe Audition 1.5. I used several effects in Adobe Audition to try to make the sound clearer and louder. After that, I saved the recording as a monaural .wav file, and lastly I converted the .wav file to mp3 using Razorlame and the LAME encoder set to 128kbps monaural. I know that was a mouthful, but I think the sound quality is quite good.
This was originally put up early August of 2010 and due some trouble with the site any comments were lost. I apologize for that and I am sorry. By all means feel free to leave more comments!