Direct mp4 download or play:  Van de Graaff Generator & Wigs

I’ve had a Van de Graaff generator for some time now and I didn’t think much of it until now. A Van de Graaff generator makes static electricity and more information is available here. In addition, I have two wigs, and the brown one shown here  was worn by Richard Lyons as the character of Marsha Turnblatt in the Negativland 2000 tour. It was frustrating because the wigs would repeatedly fall off of the Van de Graaff generator. When the wigs fell, I said “hell” and “aw hell” several times and “damnation” one time. Then Isis the cat pawed her drinking water bowl.  Also, I’m trying to start a YouTube channel and you can see  this version (better picture and sound) and another version of the video.  On YouTube go to “a54dumb” to see the videos.