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Here is a test to determine if maybe I could post audio at a higher quality. This is a rare piece from 1980 by artist Geoffrey Chandler. Let me know how well this plays. The first item is the normal WordPress audio player running an mp3 at 320 kbps. The second item “Polaris” is link to a lossless flac file (free lossless audio codec), which you can download or attempt to stream to a media player. For me it streamed in VLC and not in Winamp or Media Player Classic. It may be possible that I configured the flac encoder incorrectly, since I’m trying it out now for the first time. Remember, I am supposed to be dumb! Also, note this was from an LP record and I applied click and pop reduction, as well. Keep in mind the two additional files I made probably don’t sound any better than the original, except fewer clicks and pops may be more pleasing to the ear. I simply want to see if they will play. The original file is from the internet, and is a 256 kbps mp3. I actually own a copy of this recording on vinyl from the album “Starscapes,” but mine is warped and doesn’t sound very good.
[audioplayer file=”″ titles=originalfile256kbps]
Direct mp3 download or play:  Polaris – original file