Direct mp3 download or play:  Frog Went A-Courtin’

Favorite Part “He got swallowed up by a water snake”

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Favorite Part “Live with peace with bumblebee”

When I was a kid around 1960, I would play these two songs over and over. At one point, I played them on the Victrola, and that of course ruined them. The Victrola steel needle was too heavy and it just dug into the vinyl, ruining them. It did play quite well at first, but only once or twice before the surface noise took over. I finally found the audio on the internet, and for the first time in over fifty years, I’m able to hear these songs clearly.

Victrola Needles

On Fiddle Dee Dee the line “Did you ever hear a merrier thing?,” I thought was “Did you ever see such a vicarious thing” and I wondered if any little children actually know what “vicarious” means. To this day I don’t know what “vicarious” means!