Direct mp3 download or play: Every Two Seconds – updated 06-08-2013

Here are some of the voices from the “How Dare You” collage. They are in no particular order and some of these voices were not in the original collage. There is two seconds of silence between each comment and sound. I may be making more versions of “How Dare You” as well. I’ve always liked hearing the sound of people and animals at this kind of mid-grade level of anger and frustration. It really isn’t too intense, but it is definitely “sassy.” Of course, I have my fair share of mid-grade anger and frustration, too. The cat hissing is Isis and she would hiss at Buddy, my other cat. Buddy, my little black cat, passed away in 2004. Now in this new version, I have added a few more comments and brought up the audio level.  Maybe it could be considered “sassier.”
This updated version from September 2009 has some comments that are not featured in “How Dare You,” and were likely played on Over the Edge in the 1990s.
Now updated with MEL GIBSON!
Now updated with audio from a caller on a talk radio show, Swift Justice With Nancy Grace, a guest on The Steve Wilkos Show, and three YouTube Videos entitled “Neighbor’s Worst Day,” “Angry Woman abuses garage owner,” and “The Three Stooges In Crime On Their Hands.”
Now updated with “He burns me up,” from a 1960s public service announcement about mental health.

Now updated on June 8th, 2013 with audio from a YouTube video entitled “2003 Chevy Z71 Fire 8-8-2012,” and added some links. Note this video appears to be removed from YouTube as of October 17th, 2016.