958 x 718 approximate Flash video

Direct mp4 download or play:  958 x 718 approximate

Here is another screen capture of my software defined radio. See my post “Screen Capture Test ” for more information. This time I used Daum Potplayer to capture the image and  made a flash file “on the fly,” simultaneously. I noticed the aspect ratio was not standard like 640×480, but 958×718, which is still close to 4×3. Let me know if you can view the video.003403flv_codec

Codec information from VLC media player for this video

The following two videos(as I learn how to do screen captures better) will look best when downloaded and played back in their native resolution, 640 by 480 and 1280 by 720, respectively. These will have better audio, as well.

640 x 480 precise Flash video

Direct mp4 download or play:  640 x 480 precise

SDRSharp window 640 by 480 pixels matched precisely


1280 x 720 Flash video

Direct mp4 download or play: 1280 x 720 precise

SDRSharp window 1280 by 720 pixels matched precisely