Direct mp4 download or play: Booper Overdub
Booper Overdub video recorded by Wobbly on an iPhone 6S using the built-in mono microphone.  Wobbly created the beats out a sample kit of drum hits made out of Original Booper sounds.  I am overdubbing a solo using my newly designed Orange Booper, which is not going to leave this house because I’m trying not to forget how to do things.  The circuit is completely different and no math was used.  I am sending the Orange Booper through a chain of free VST plug-ins:  ifs8x2 Mixer, Full Bucket Freqshifter, DTBLFX1 and LoudMax.  I am also creating acoustic feedback on the left channel by moving a tiny condenser microphone slowly in and out of the neck of an empty wine bottle.  The paper towels I use to wash my hands sometimes get used more than once so they often stay on the unused computer keyboard while I work.  I feel the need to remind everyone that I am not a musician.