Direct mp3 download or play:  433 Megahertz
I made this recording using my Airspy software defined radio with a small ground plane antenna, suitable for UHF (with 2 additional VFOs, all very wideband AM) and VSTHost. The VST plugins used were Argotlunar, MFreqShifterDtBlkFx, Sanford Reverb, and LoudMax. Think of the VFO (variable frequency oscillator) tuners as tracks, except instead of microphones and musical instruments there are radio signals. There was some additional audio processing done in Adobe Audition for restoring some dynamic range and adding fades at the beginning and ending. I don’t believe my modest Windows 10 computer could have done a screen capture in real time with all of the processing already happening, so I made a short screen capture video (without additional audio processing) of the signals that can be received. This video shows SDRSharp (the software that runs Airspy) running with the main VFO tuner set to 433.873 megahertz with the only audio option as mono, left and right. Aux VFO tuner number 1 is set to 433.905 megahertz, left channel and Aux VFO tuner number 2 is set to 433.950 megahertz, right channel.  The auxiliary VFO tuners are operating extremely wideband AM 40,000 kilohertz with squelch at 37. The main VFO tuner with the settings not visible is at the maximum bandwidth of 32 kilohertz with the same squelch setting.

Direct mp4 download or play: 433 Megahertz
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