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Direct mp3 download or play: Family Radio 2017
Here are a couple highlights from an unexpected, impromptu performance at Hollow Earth Radio in Seattle, the afternoon of Saturday, July 15th, 2017. I didn’t decide that I would participate until about an hour before the show. My OCD really kicked in. The tracks feature Wobbly, myself, and Quite Eyes Of Air (Alissa DeRubeis & Yasi Perera).
On “Family Radio 2017” I have a Funcube Pro Plus software defined radio running SDRSharp on a laptop computer tuned to channel 1 (462.5625 megahertz narrow FM) of the family radio service walkie talkie band. I switch on my hand held family radio walkie talkie and proceed to walk around the studio and into other rooms at Hollow Earth Radio saying dumb things and reporting on what I see. Then I walk outside of the studio onto East Union Street in Seattle and turn left onto 21st Avenue and pass the Central Cinema.  About a block further I turn around, still reporting by radio back to the studio when I feign being attacked by a plastic vegetable bag from QFC, a grocery chain in Seattle. This isn’t new to me, as back in the 1990s I did a similar act at a college radio station in the Bay Area (KFJC) with Wobbly where the offending bag was a plastic vegetable bag from Nob Hill Foods. Interesting thing is, both stores, I believe are owned by Kroger of Cincinnati, Ohio. When I get back inside the studio at Hollow Earth Radio, We Like to Party. Later, the show ends with very low-frequency radio noise coming from a receiver in northern Italy and I say 10-7. By now I’m sure you know I’m nuts!