Direct Mp4 download or play: Easter 1987
Here is another happy, lazy afternoon at my grandmother’s home in Santa Rosa, California. It’s Easter Sunday, April 19th which ironically is also Richard Lyons’ birthday. I can’t quite remember, but I think he may have actually been married to a woman at this time. I could be wrong, can’t remember. As I mentioned in my post “Birthday 1988,” there would be more from “The Egg People” in another post and this is it! “The Egg People” were created by my mother, a day or so earlier and they represent my mother, my father, my grandmother, and myself. They show up at the beginning and then later on at about 20:28, as I knock each “egg person” off the back of a chair. It seems to me this could have been the order that each member of my family including myself ceases to exist. It didn’t work out that way, but all “egg persons” were knocked off the chair so my time must be near. I do understand, this is ridiculous, however.
I used my Sony CCD-V110 camcorder for the video. At two points in the video an external inexpensive electret condenser microphone (same as the ones I’ve experimented with more recently) was used and powered by plugin phantom power supplied by the camcorder.The sound quality is slightly different and the two places where this happens are at 22:15 to 25:31 and 38:42 to the end. The sound is monophonic for the entire video and recorded on a single AFM (Audio Frequency Modulation) track on 8-millimeter video tape. The video quality is similar to VHS with less than 300 lines of horizontal resolution.