Direct mp4 download or play:  The Neighbors of Woodcraft

I acquired this filmstrip projector in the mid 1980s. This machine sat on the top shelf of a closet at my home in Martinez, California and then in a cupboard at my home in Seattle until 2004. In the fall of 2004, I captured the filmstrip and the built-in cassette tape audio on my digital camcorder and transferred it to a computer where it sat until now. I was never satisfied with the image quality mainly because the middle of the image is brighter. Also if you listen closely you can hear a low frequency tone (around 50 HZ) come on when the film advances. It is a control tone on the cassette tape which activates the film advance mechanism; although I think I filtered most of it out. There are still some clicks when the tone turns on and off.

This filmstrip is self explanatory but you learn more about The Neighbors of Woodcraft building in Portland, Oregon by going to The Tiffany Center website.