Periodically, I blurt out the names of streets I think up. I don’t know why. Maybe someday the rest of Negativland will turn these into an art project of some sort. I’ll add more here as I think of them.

I’ve added a new feature to Street Names Update. In addition to the text, I will be adding the sound of my voice pronouncing the names the way I think they should be vocalized. To give my voice quite an irritating strident sound, a Radio Shack electret condenser microphone was placed into a crock pot with a towel. Occasionally, I will add sound to a street name in no particular order. I added some more streets and vocalizations of the names on August 30th, 2009. Vylpux St. Bottananny Dr. Excize Ave. Pelldop Way Pellandular Blvd. East Gagenaut Court Whilpoot Crescent Polygon Plaza Sylviak Ave. East Fairbutter Way Blithmeister St. Eliopolis Ave. Bipaupsion St. Cornrigger Court Splitchmont Scenic Hwy. Myeloid Place Hemhooker Ave. South Betrum Hoopledorper Way Dueblio Court Exzenioff St. Dobeleet Road Zinfalier Way Chairkarl Court McGuffmaster St. Poisonberry Circle Plasticwood Way Sayfroop St. Baungleberry Lane LaneZenor Sewerage Street [audioplayer file=”http://www.negativland.com] Elrik Avenue Dewisant Place Plate Fly Road West Treatment Plant Court Heitmeyer Beef Road Southeast Pressure Avenue Cheap Street Mangled Metal Boulevard Sensory Perception Place Hellzipper Lane Bitch Street Seatlight Plaza Organeater Avenue South Axis Street The Saint Lawrence Slip West Gas Street Spudknuckler Lane Mufumptious Street Squeaker Toad Court Porktree Way Soap Street Allcrunch Road West Perpat Place Valchris Turkey Boulevard Upper Poodalupe Circle Botchitt Court Fustellation  Avenue Useless Seedless Throughway East Dart Road Vlax Street [audioplayer file=”http://www.negativland.com] North Zarenex place Multiplication Avenue [audioplayer file=”http://www.negativland.com″ titles=Multiplication Avenue] Ridgewater Way South Spitchulum Circle Instrox Street Destructorite Road Sponsanorma Plaza Remote Boat Way Waudogaudophine Boulevard Butylene Plaza Regular Garbage Court Dockular Avenue Gunmeat Street Badapple Place North Expelladapper Street Prunawip Drive < /object> Autopium Way Subtractage Road West Old Battle Ax Road False Avenue South Voederoeder Lane The Cellagutchian Hotoven Drive Wacadelioprude Street Squirrelchew Circle Pissamois Road West Insipiot Street Mygopopchelup Court Hittapitchulum Avenue North Drepulate Street Megaplexure Boulevard Snugular Place Fandrick Road Dralowprude  Circle Searabutt Street East Anger Road Slickurge Street North Zenorex Place [audioplayer file=”http://www.negativland.com] Nocturup Way