Direct mp4 download or play:  Wireless Microphones 8-7-2016
I think I stumbled onto several feeds of wireless microphones from a performance. Actually, I was searching for a PA system wireless mike feed from the big fair we have in Seattle every year at the beginning of August, called Seafair. There was one signal at about 513.2 megahertz that appeared to be the KIRO – TV channel 7 audio, but they were very careful to cut off their mikes during commercials. Channel 7 televises Seafair every year. The signals were all wide band FM, and due to the great distance (possibly over a mile), there was a lot of fading and drop outs. The large wide areas that show up on the display while tuning, and appear to be strong signals are local digital ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) Seattle TV channels.  I used SDRSharp and Airspy to receive wth a simple ground plane verticle antenna, extended to about 5 and a half inches. The antenna is mounted on a microphone stand, inside my house. Screen capture was done with Potplayer.