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Direct mp4 download or play: Prairie Drums
For the last two weeks, Wobbly has been visiting my house in Seattle to mix some of the music for the next Negativland record. During some moments, extra keyboard and booper performances were overdubbed on top of the tracks which had been recorded in Bisbee, Arizona with Markers Hoslex (in the early eighties, I used to call Mark ‘Markers Hoslex’, especially during concerts, but also at most other times. Markers no longer has long hair). Wobbly has been enjoying playing my vintage Klipsch Cornwall speakers at a much greater volume than would ever be tolerated in his San Francisco apartment. The Cornwalls are highly sought after in the audiophile community. Here are two videos recorded with Wobbly’s iPhone during this process.
The drums in the second piece were performed by Prairie Prince of the Tubes, who was also the drummer on the album ‘My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts’, with a gated snare being sent through ring modulation, phasers, and gated reverb. Wobbly just yelled ‘Zero Set’ for some unknown reason. I hope that it’s not an insult to the entire musical community that this is happening.